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Dating matrix numbers los angeles

Dating matrix numbers los angeles

The original Brunswick matrix series was a simple chronological straight numeric sequence which probably began at 1 or in The earliest masters were vertical recordings which were released only in Canada. Due to their limited distribution these discs are quite rare and full details are unknown for many recordings in the early part of this series.

Dating matrix numbers los angeles

The earliest known master in the original matrix series is and nothing is known of any earlier recordings. All recordings made prior to April dating matrix numbers los angeles allocated a separate master number for each take. By the time the Canadian-distributed Brunswick label was discontinued inthe vertical masters had reached at least and subsequent masters in the same series are mainly lateral recordings made for release on the new Brunswick label launched on the American market in January There seems to have been a brief period of overlap in the early s when both vertical and lateral recordings were being made, but by the mids all recordings were lateral and no further vertical recordings were ever released on Brunswick.

Subsequently, other blocks of numbers in this series were allocated to masters made in locations other than New York and those with unique prefixes are listed below.

Between and all masters recorded in other locations such as Los Angeles or Chicago were routinely allocated duplicate master numbers in the dating matrix numbers los angeles series. As electric recording was initially an experimental procedure, there was no cut-off date from which all recordings were electrical.

The first electric recording noted in the ledgers is master E made on April 7,but the acoustic recording process continued to be used for many recordings after that date.

Several examples are noted in the discographical listings. These are listed in the table below which sets out details of a wide range of Brunswick series with specific prefixes other than those mentioned above. The vast majority of these were used by various field recording expeditions and for details of these recordings see the discographical listings in Volume 3.

After the Vocalion label was acquired by Brunswick in late a specific master series was established for recordings intended to be released on Vocalion. The first Vocalion electrical recording noted in the datings matrix numbers los angeles is EW which was made on May 2, However, the acoustic process continued to be used for many Vocalion recordings over the next few months.

The final allocation in this series was read more E in July after which the series was discontinued and all subsequent Vocalion recordings use the same master series as those used for Brunswick recordings.

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Most other master series not mentioned above are included in the following table which gives the known range for each series, the location or purpose indicated by the prefix, and the time period during which the series was in use.

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