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Yahoo shine dating advice

Yahoo shine dating advice

A common theme on self-care social media—especially in light of recent triggering and difficult tragedies: Check in on your strong friends. You may be unsure of the best way to reach out—is a text too casual?

When does something warrant a phone call? Plus, you have yourself to worry about. But with a solid strategy in place, you can support those around you while keeping your own wellbeing in mind.

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Checking in requires a little thought and planning. Here, how to take the first steps. Start by focusing entirely on your conversation.

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Then, take what they say and reflect it back. Your friend might be fine today and devastated tomorrow, and the healthy vibes from your check-in can dissipate quickly in turbulent times. Or, set a date to hit a yoga class or walk around the park.

Grab a journal and ask yourself, how am I feeling? How have I been taking care of myself? Missing some human contact?

Schedule a dinner date. Check in on yourself, check in on your crew, repeat—it's a cycle of support we all need, especially during these tough times.

Yahoo shine dating advice

Your 7 Days to Resilience Challenge You grow through your setbacks—not in spite of them. Download the Shine app and tap your resilience with our audio challenge.

Yahoo shine dating advice

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