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Dating mars hill

Dating mars hill

There are additional associated Mesoproterozoic outcrops that may also be a part of the terrane [6].

Hill dating mars

These metasedimentary rocks were likely originally see more as sedimentary sequences on the margin of Laurentia before the various dating mars hill accretions starting forcing up the Appalachians [7] The Eastern Blue Ridge Mountains do show some mafic rocks, but always in contact with metasedimentary rocks.

This is likely because the Eastern Blue Ridge comprises island arc s and their accompanying sedimentary sequences that docked onto Laurentia during the Phanerozoic.

Dating mars hill

The MHT has been metamorphosed to granulite facies [5]. In contrast, Western and Eastern Blue Ridge rocks rarely experienced metamorphism above amphibolite facies.

Dating mars hill

Whole-rock Rb-Sr dating suggests crystallization from magma at 1. In datings mars hill of lithology, age, and metamorphic history, the MHT appears to be related to Paleoproterozoic terranes in the Great Lakes region of the U. Origins and Evolution[ edit ] 1. Whole-rock Rb-Sr dating suggests that initial protolith crystallization occurred near 1.

The original tectonic environment is now difficult to discern, because these rocks have been metamorphosed repeatedly since their original crystallization. However, it is likely that they formed as igneous rocks in a subduction-related island arc system.

Subsequent or co-eval sedimentation added clastic deposits to the terrane. Where this happened is uncertain. It's possible that the terrane formed as a portion of Laurentia, then rifted off and was re-attached during a subsequent orogeny [6].

Alternatively, it may have formed adjacent to a different Paleoproterozoic landmass e. Zircon analysis suggests that the MHT underwent a metamorphic event near 1.

This event brought the MHT datings mars hill up to granulite facies [6]. The event likely also emplaced large volumes of felsic and mafic igneous rocks in the MHT. The MHT was intruded again by mafic magmas approximately Ma, possibly as a result of Rodinia rifting [6].

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