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Problems with carbon dating answers in genesis

Problems with carbon dating answers in genesis

The discussion, between a young creationist, Rob, and several other regular contributors, eventually came to the issue of radio isotope dating.

Problems with carbon dating answers in genesis

Rob mentioned that Steve Austin's Grand Canyon dating experiment cast doubt on the viability of absolute dating systems. Naturally the notion was rebuffed and respondents pointed to articles heavily critical of the YEC experiment. Wanting to hear both sides of the issue, Rob wrote to Answers in Genesis, highlighting some particular lines written by Chris Stassen in an article critical of Austin's Canyon work. The relevant lines were: The conditions which caused the "false isochron" in this case are fairly well-understood, and easy to avoid by proper sample selection.

In fact, the resulting age in this case is meaningful and probably accurate.

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The problem is not the age itself but rather Austin's sleight-of-hand in trying to pass off the result as the age of the flows rather than a minimum age of their source. The attempt to abuse the meaning of a single contrived date -- which was produced only by a sample selection geared to dating a different event, and only for samples whose results were known by Austin in advance -- says a lot more about the problem with carbon dating answers in genesis of competence or honesty in this creation "science" research program, than it says about the validity of isochron dating methods.

His letter, seeking clarification, was well written and received a response from Dr Jonathan Sarfati of AiG. Sure, they can make excuses, by pointing out certain assumptions that fail and Notice that Stassen simply makes assertions without any backing.

He mentions the issue as being "fairly well understood" and "easy to avoid" without explaining what the understanding is and how specifically it could be avoided. He talks about "proper sample selection" without explaining what was wrong with Austin's sampling method and why. He says the "age in this case is probably meaningful" and "probably accurate" without saying what the meaning is and why.

Problems with carbon dating answers in genesis

Respondents pointed out to Rob that Stassen had indeed done what Sarfati had accused him of failing to do. In his reply, Dr Sarfati appears to have argued only from the quote supplied by Rob rather than checking out the article from which the quote was obtained. At this point I decided to undertake some checking myself. This resulted in the series of essays which follow.

Quite obviously, from what I write, you see that I do not hold AiG in any esteem.

I hope you do not see that what I write is an attempt to belittle you or your faith. Your respect for AiG and my disrespect derive from two different points of view.

Problems with carbon dating answers in genesis

During a conversation which lasted more than an hour, we exchanged our views. I found Dr Walker a very nice person and expressed my desire to meet him, should he ever come to Adelaide.

I suspect that it could be the same with Dr Sarfati although I did find, through their letters to me, that Dr Sarfati is more concerned with debating and Dr Walker more concerned with conversion.

Dr Walker is more caring - if you like. Dr Sarfati is a gifted writer and very good at polemics. Importantly I do see the leaders of YEC as misrepresenting problem with carbon dating answers in genesis. That misrepresentation, I think, arises from https://gfmeetlove.info/category23/w3575.php theological viewpoint which causes them to see the world the way they do and behave in the manner that I object to so much.

This is a debate about reality; science, theology, philosophy, history, current affairs, common sense and I see it as having implications for how we live and behave, what we are taught and how we think. They see it that way, so do I and we stand on opposite sides of the line. Yet, in the areas of science, theology, history etc, I draw the line. Anything you wish to discuss with me more fully, I would be happy to do so.

Origins newsgroup had observed an error in the feedback from Dr Sarfati concerning a letter Rob wrote to AiG. In the letter, Sarfati "shows" Rob why Stassen's critique of Austin's dating experiment was wrong.

Rob had written a letter which contained a couple of quotes from Stassen's critical paper, to AiG seeking clarification. Sarfati's reply was posted with Rob's letter on the AiG web site and presumably that is where "Harlequin" spotted it.

They were incorrect because Sarfati had not bothered to read the article but merely critiqued the quotes supplied by Rob. The claims were about problem with carbon dating answers in genesis Stassen had supplied evidence for Austin's isochrons being in-fact "false isochrons".

As I understand it, a "false isochron" is an isochron that appears valid i. Rob countered by stating that he trusted Dr Sarfati and could see nothing in Stassen's article to suggest that he had supplied evidence for the false isochrons. Sarfati's response appears to critique Stassen on the basis of Rob's letter and no more.

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Read Stassen's paper as well as the other, Isochron Dating FAQwhich he provides a link to, and it will be seen that in both papers he describes "false isochrons", why sample selection is important, why ages are still meaningful etc.

Sarfati's accusations go no broader than the words supplied to him via Rob's letter. He points the reader to a general but comprehensive article on isochron dating in section 2. In section 3 he discusses the requirements for isochron dating and how false plots can be obtained, and avoided.

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Because his paper is very brief, Stassen's discussion of false isochrons is likewise. Nevertheless, they are dealt with more completely in his Talk. Motives, Faith and World Views Given that the collective belief of AiG staffers appears to be that one's salvation is as intimately tied in with non-belief in evolution and an ancient universe as it is with belief in God, Jesus, the resurrection, the authority of the Bible, etc.

Their beliefs lock them into a world that.

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